Change Leadership

Disciplined and structured approaches to manage change complexity and get it done.

The challenges of delivering change

There is an ever increasing pace of change to the business world.  The shape and structure of markets are changing and industries can be revolutionised overnight.  Companies are responding with an increasing number of larger and more complex change initiatives to deliver their business transformation strategy.


The end result is that the proportion of the business that programs and projects represent is larger and more critical than ever before.  With so much concurrent program and project activity underway, many companies are experiencing ‘initiative overload’.

Typical client challenges we address

'Our decision making is not always based on facts'

'Inconvenient decisions are often pushed forward'

‘Our senior management disagree on the level and urgency of change’

‘This is an expensive and risky transformation’

‘We have good people – they just don’t have the experience with this initiative’

‘It’s difficult to get commitment deep within the organisation’

How we can help you?

We bring leadership and ‘Big Firm’ consultancy experience, combined with a collaborative approach.  By embedding leaders into client teams, we place a real focus on developing an organisation’s capability to go on delivering into the future.

The core capabilities of our structured change leadership include:

  • Coaching and mentoring of client teams to build internal capability and increase change acceptance
  • Structured problem solving to get the facts
  • Business case and benefits management to enlist support
  • Impact analysis to understand potential risk and resistance areas
  • Stakeholder management to get engagement
  • Leadership and champion support to build momentum
  • Program governance to ensure alignment
  • Iterative approaches to decrease time to solution
  • Performance management to drive action and accountability
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