The challenges of delivering value from Technology

The digital revolution is well underway.  Developments in connectivity, cloud computing and big data technologies have provided opportunities for businesses to create more value through innovative products, services, operational efficiencies, and business models.


Indeed, technology can be a critical enabler for your customer related initiatives, helping to drive successful performance across marketing, sales and service. 

However, many companies struggle to scale up their initiatives and deliver value on a broader front.  All too often, business objectives and technology strategies are out of sync, and transformations are approached in a piecemeal and often technology focussed manner.

How can we help you?

DV Advisors provide independent and objective leadership to support our clients’ most critical customer-facing technology initiatives.  We can help you successfully assess, plan and implement technology that supports your overall business goals.


We take a more holistic approach to technology enabled transformation, focussing on the sources of business value, uncovering which technologies will help achieve them, and then providing the change leadership to help drive successful implementation.


The types of technology transformation we support include new technology adoption for growth, technology support of business optimisation, technology modernisation and post-merger integration.


Our specific areas of experience include:

  • Investigating new technologies to improve the customer experience
  • Customer technology assessment
  • Tool and vendor selection
  • Third party vendor selection and contract negotiation
  • Technology modernisation benefits case
  • Implementation scoping and roadmap
  • Independent program risk and quality assurance
  • Distressed program remediation
  • Dashboards and performance management
  • Customer data science and analytics


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