Commercial Insight

Actionable insights about markets, customers and


The challenges of gaining insight

A key to achieving profitable growth lies in understanding the marketplace and customer needs, then striking the right balance between generating value for customers and value for the business.  Generating this understanding requires dealing with an ever increasing amount of data.


Many companies are struggling to make sense of their data.  Furthermore, many companies find that they are often just generating more “information” and at best theoretical insights rather than helping to drive action and change.  Indeed, Forrester reports 74% of firms say they want to be “data-driven,” but only 29% are actually successful at connecting analytics to action.


Typical client challenges we address

'We have a lack of useful and timely commercial data'

'Our decision making is not always based on facts'

‘We have an internal focus rather than a customer focus’

‘We have a limited understanding of the reasons for customer churn’

‘It is difficult to measure account and product profitability’

‘It is difficult to target the right customer with the right value proposition’

‘Are the commercial synergies identified ‘real’ and how should we achieve them?'


How we can help you?

We help our clients to identify actionable insights about their markets, customers and offerings in order to make better decisions.  We provide an objective perspective of performance and articulate the business case for specific areas of improvement.


Our operational experience allows us to “begin with the end in mind” to avoid elegantly synthesised analytical solutions that are not sufficient for client impact.  We focus on starting hypotheses and the 20% of analysis that gives you 80% of the solution and avoid trying to “boil the ocean”.


In short, we focus on delivering actionable insights, not theoretical insights.  


The core capabilities of our market and customer insight include:

  • Structured problem solving
  • Commercial (marketing, sales, service) operational diagnostic
  • Customer and product profitability profiling
  • Commercial due diligence on M&A opportunities
  • New and adjacent market evaluation
  • Appropriate customer segmentation identification
  • Value proposition development
  • Customer experience and ‘journey’ design
  • Customer profiling, predictive modelling, cross-sell and churn analysis


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