Commercial Excellence

Build and sustain superior sales, marketing and service operational capabilities.

The challenges of commercial operations

Sales, marketing and service professionals today are confronted by a number of competing challenges.  On the one hand, customer demands are increasing the complexity and costs of doing business. More personalised solutions, multiple and complex selling channels, shortened product/profit lifecycles and price pressure are just some of the examples.


At the same time, there is often unrelenting internal pressure to reduce costs - and often to increase revenues at the same time.  This has caused many to examine initiatives to improve the performance of their commercial operations.


Typical client challenges we address

'Sales performance is not where it should be'

‘We need greater price leadership to match our market leadership position’

‘Customers don’t have consistent experiences across channels and touchpoints’

‘We need clearer ROI from marketing'

‘How should we rapidly integrate commercial activities as the next step of the deal?’


How can we help you?

We provide expert knowledge and management experience in the development and implementation of initiatives that will help you improve the performance of your commercial operations.


We don't provide answers and walk away - in addition to strategic sales and marketing consulting, we help our clients implement down to deep tactical levels. The following is a sample of our areas of expertise:

  • Go-to-market redesign
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) technology evaluation, implementation and operation
  • Setting and managing prices
  • Salesforce effectiveness, including capabilities, productivity and coverage
  • Marketing productivity, especially lead management and conversion rates
  • Account based marketing and campaign management
  • Customer experience and ‘journey’ design
  • Market and customer analytics, especially using internal and external data to create insights that assist better decisions
  • Service centre design and optimisation
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